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MISHLAV is and elderly nursing home
MISHLAV is and elderly nursing home

MISHLAV is and elderly nursing home, which works as a public institute for the people of the Izrael Valley and the Afula ditrict.

The nursing home was established in 1974, and works without profit intentions;
thus you probably understand that the extra value is within the staff's attitude, the calm and warm atmosphere,almost pastoralic,
nd serves properly the elderly population. The management put emphasis on proficiency, empathy, safety and the high quality care,
given to our tenants, also we are obliged to cooperate completely with the tenants and their families, regardless the type of our decisions to be taken.

We accept tenants both from the Health Care system, and privately. There is also the option for a low cost hospitalization, funded by the local governments.  

The nursing home's team gives the medical-geriatric solutions, and the social help for elderly tenants, regardless of their diferent abilities to function.

We are located in the entrance of Afula, in a wide open area, surrounded by the green fields,
the green trees and the open sky of the Emek; 
very close to the road which connects Afula with the Galil, right next to the HaEmek hospital. 

Medical staff

Nursing Home With the Health Ministry license, the department is meant
for 36 nursing tenants,
equipped with indoors bathrooms.
Each room has a closet, a personal wardrobe, and a night light.
There is the possibility to connect a TV with cables or satellite services.
This department is a capsule like, family unit for its inhabitants. The nursing team is a permanent one,
and so are the principles- 
Human dignity, compassion and professional standards.

The health ministry license is for 30 mentally disabled/exhausted.
The rooms are with double beds and bathrooms.

Each room has a closet, a personal wardrobe, and a night light.
IN this department we give the care in the Ganey Sharonim nursery, which enables us to give the best treatment.
Also, our goal is to reduce the difficulty with the cognitive deterioration of the patients, while allowing the best feeling of the
most possible independence to the tenants. 

Our tenants healthy routine

Professionalism and home-style warmth, are the two main ingredients in our institute, thus it really gives the feeling of home. 

The crew members are well experienced, loving people, with great knowledge from years of giving treatment two multiple patients' conditions. The team keeps a close contact witg the family member of the patients two.

It includes specialized doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, nursing crew, and therapists- the Snuzland (a sensory center) with new equipment, diet expert whom works with the kitchen, which provides a healthy, balanced menu with the sufficient Kosher stamp.


Freestyle work, interesting classes,  barber shop centers to work at, laundry and cleaning. 

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